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  • What are Capital Allowances?
    Capital Allowances have existed since 1878, under an Act of Parliament (CAA2001). Capital Allowances are a form of tax deduction. They're designed to reward businesses that "spend money to make money" - increased investment in infrastructure and development help to strengthen the UK economy. The government defines which expenses qualify in detail, and some (such as lighting, office furniture, and electrical equipment) may surprise you. The average industry claim is £100,000, yet many business owners remain unaware of how much current and backdated tax relief they could be owed.
  • Are all properties eligible
    UK tax-paying businesses can make a claim on any commercial property for which they are the freeholder. You can also submit a claim for any redevelopment costs associated with a leased property.
  • How much is an average claim worth?
    The average amount left unclaimed by UK businesses is £100,000.
  • How long does the process take?
    The timescale will vary depending on current availability and the size and complexity of a claim. Many claims can be completed within 8 weeks. Contact us at for a personalised estimate.


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